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Small Photo Printers And 4×6 Photo Printers

The advent of digital cameras had made photography a common hobby of many trip setters. Instant photos are available, so gone are the times when you have to wait for photo printing from photo labs. Technology has really gone this far. And while on the road, photographs can be printed – via the small photo printers. Because laptops, digital cameras and even cellular phone cameras come handy to the world, the small photo printers became the object of innovations by many printer manufacturing companies.

There is a type of small photo printer, the 4×6 mobile photo printer,  that serves the purpose of printing photographs anywhere, anytime. These are very portable printers that you can always take along as a partner of your camera.  And owning one gives you several advantages.

Advantages of 4×6 small photo printers

Unlimited portability of mobile printers

The 4×6 photo printers are ultra compact that it can fit in any luggage you are taking along your trip. This does not give you any space problem. Its compact size allows you to take it anywhere you go – in your vacation spree or even just taking pictures while strolling in the park. It is even lightweight  – these small printers are not more than 5 pounds.

Instant Photo Print-outs

There is no wasted time waiting for the photo you have taken to be held in your hands. You do not have to spend time going to the photo labs or print shops.  Your camera can readily capture your cherished moments and seeing these photos in prints come instantly from the small photo printer you always bring along with the camera.

Affects and features of small photo printers

The photo printer does not only print conventional copies. The photo printers have some embedded software so that you can enhance and have different print outs.  A single photo taken can be printed in black & white, in sepia and in many different color tones.  Other features are frames and designs that you can incorporate on the photo. This is something you can do alone with your small photo printer. Or you can even convert the photo into an invitation or a calendar.

Built-in batteries for mobile printing

Most 4×6 photo printers have built-in lithium ion batteries. This will allow you to use the photo printer even if you are not plugged to an electrical source. This is an added feature for portability.

PC-less photo printing

The 4×6 photo printer allows you to print the photos even if not connected to a computer.  All you need is a flask disk or a memory card in which to store the photos and then print from these storage media without necessitating the use of a computer.

Photography is made easy and convenient using these small photo printers. A photographer is no longer dependent on the photo labs for print out of their hard labor. If you are a photo hobbyist, this gadget is for you – no need for a computer, just your camera and the photo printer.