On The Go And Space Saving Printers

Small Laser Printers

Compact and Light –  Are These The Basic Qualities You’re looking For In  Small Laser Printers?

With almost all workers going mobile today, the laptops became a necessity, not a fad as many had thought it to be. Because the demand for laptops was high, manufacturers created new peripherals to supply the trend. So, small laser printers were constructed to compliment laptops and small offices. Wireless computers and wireless internet connections – will small laser printers be the future?

Analysis of the features of small laser printers disclosed that the features of printers previously found on the larger models are now included in compact printers. Yes – the small printers became versatile, even including wireless and the multifunction printer models. And these types of printers are in high demand because people work while on the road.

When you intend to bring your printer on working trips, the size and weight of the printer is important factor. Do you want a printer that will take up most of the space in your luggage?  When you travel, you want to travel light and this computer peripherals and printer should also be extra light.

With regards to printers, you will find today that there are small printers with the exact features present in the traditional bulk printers. Many smaller printers cost more but size really have some premium in it.

DPI (Dots Per Inch)

When you purchase a good quality small laser printer, you will find it amazing that such small units can have an output with such vivid resolution. If resolution is your concern on printer output, what you are to look for in the laser printer is the DPI (dots per inch). You should compare the DPI of the small laser printer you are considering with the DPI of some of the larger printers. This will help you judge on the quality of resolution. The higher the DPI, the better is the print quality. But as you are choosing a laser printer, this type is already of good resolution compared to the inkjet counterpart.

PPM (Prints per Minute)

But it you are more concerned on the printing speed, you have to find another benchmark. Small laser printer and printing on the road – how fast would you like your printer?  For volume of output, you have to determine the PPM (prints per minute) of the printer.  This will give you an idea on the time you will need to print certain quantities of documents. As you are printing on the road, you do not have the luxury to sit and wait for your printer to pause page after page, line after line.

Small Wireless Laser Printers

Another useful feature which may interest any worker on the go is the wireless feature. This prevents the amount of cords you have to take in the trip. Working on a wireless environment makes your work space clutter-free of cables and wires. You will just set up your small laser printer and then print from your equally small laptop computer. The introduction of wireless caused many manufacturers to shift gear from the cord to the cordless, from the wired to the wireless. It is a traveling worker who  mostly benefits from the wireless features.

With your choice of the small laser printer goes a choice for the printer’s features. There really are small laser printers available in the market that are lightweight and compact but are provided with high DPI and PPM. Many small laser printers now are wireless and are endowed with the mfp or all-in-one features.