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Small Inkjet Printer

Small Inkjet Printer – Would You Prefer This Over the Laser Counterpart?

In choosing a compact printer, there are always two kinds to choose from – the small inkjet printer or the small laser printer. In order to be able to select, you have to define what your needs are. Aside from price, there are some features in one that are not present in the other. The major difference is on the quality of print. The use of laser technology gives an edge on print quality. Small laser printer has better print resolutions over the small inkjet printers; although the print quality of the latter is already within the standard print quality.

Small inkjet printers go with laptops. Due to its compactness, it can be carried along anywhere. The task can be completed only with the printing of the worked on documents thus small printers are more desired.

There will always be preference for the small inkjet printer over the traditional sized printers if you are after its portability. The travel-bound worker will not be burdened by the size and weight when his or her printer is a small portable printer. Smaller printers are also favored when you have a small desk or when it needs to be moved from one computer to another computer site. Sizes of printers do matter for many workers like you.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a small inkjet printer.


When you are looking for the right size, it is better to make an estimated dimension of the working space. Then look into the different dimensions of small inkjet printers offered by different manufacturers. Examples of inkjet printers with small dimensions are the following: The Hewlett Packard ( HP) inkjet D 1341 in is dimension of 16.6” x 5.6” x 12.43”, the Canon Pixma IP1600 measures 17.1” x 9.8” x 6.5” and the Lexmark Z735 is 14.8” x 8.8” x 6”.


Relevant to the size is the weight of the unit. If your purpose is just to station your printer in a small place and there will be no need to keep it moving, then the weight would not matter so much for you. However, for a traveler, the weight becomes an issue. It should really be lightweight to facilitate carrying it around. Some of the lightweight printers are the Canon Pixma IP90V at 4 pounds, the HP Deskjet 460C at 4.5 pounds and the Lexmark Z735 at 5.1 pounds.

Interface Cable

The next issue in finding the small inkjet printer is to determine the interface cable available. There are printers that connect to the computer with the use of parallel cable. There are those which utilize a USB cable and there are also those that use both the parallel and USB. Parallel cables are compatible with more computers and operating systems. On the other hand the USB cable is more compact, with smaller jacks and less rigid. If you intend to use the printer for traveling,  buy the one with USB cable or even opt for the printer that utilizes both parallel and USB.

If you have not actually seen the unit and your basis of choice is the internet, then it is advisable that you research on the size, weight and interface of the small inkjet printer you are considering. It is also good to read reviews on the performance of each model and brand. You have all chances on finding the best small inkjet printer because of the availability of data in the internet.