On The Go And Space Saving Printers

Small Business Printers

Small business printers are more compact with a greater output than the previous generation of printers. The most popular for small business printers is the ‘all in one’ multifunctional. The multifunctional printer has scanning, faxing, copying and printing capabilities.  These small business printers  perform well without sacrificing efficiency.

The criteria for many in choosing a printer,  will be to compare price with function in a small business printer. Below we list a few printers for you to decide which might be the most suitable for your needs.

You will want a printer that prints on plain letter quality paper as well as the special photo, stencil, and other media applications available today. One that prints fast, with a high output and that can hold quite a good amount of paper. 

Small business printers come in various price ranges, and the well priced Dell 1720dn which has an easy to read control panel, with a very good monochrome Laser. This printer has plenty of features considering the price. This includes an automatic duplexer.  The Dell 1720dn works well in a small business environment printing 29 pages per minute. It would do well to read your manual for this printer as the flashing lights on the panel take some figuring out. The input tray could be sturdier.

In the inkjet range, Canon’s Pixma IP4500 printer cannot be beat for speed which is even faster than the laser printers. Text quality is very good, except on the more obscure fonts. The lasers are better at printing text but they do not have the capabilities of photo printing that the Pixma has. It comes with automatic duplexing and the colors are bright and very natural, yet skin tones are yellowish. The control buttons are not well placed and do not have easy to read labels, making them difficult to identify, at the price, for performance alone, this is a good buy.

This is a low cost color laser printer, the Dell 1320c prints 3.1 pictures per minute with good color high resolution quality. Although colors are a bit blue, they look natural and smooth. The speeds are not so good per cartridge output (1000 to 2000 pages) and the display panel is very hard to read. This is not the ideal for a small business printer as the cost per page with a half page of text in black costing 3 cents.  With a page using all three colors and bit of black costing 15 cents this could be costly.

Printers come in such a variety, that it might be difficult choosing the right small business printers. A few things to look out for are:  What are you going to be using the printer for. If you decide that you will mainly be doing media printing, and need good color photos and print outs, then choose the best in that line. If you need a small business  printer that you will be using mainly for printing text documents, and need an all in one with scanner and fast print then go for HP, whose initial outlay is more but the consumables cost less.