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Small Business Laser Printer

Before You Buy A Small Business Laser Printer – Know The Features To Look For

Next to the PC, the printer is one subject of innovation. The small business laser printer has evolved from the original dot-matrix printer. During the first years of using computer and printers, the small business laser printer was totally unknown. What mattered then was just to be able to print in any given time. But the human brain worked hard and innovations were inevitable – the result was technological changes. So the world today has the laser printer.

What are the qualities of a good laser printer?

Well, any person doing printing jobs want two good qualities in a laser printer – the speed of printing and the quality of print. Then maybe, next to the two basic qualities, a small business laser printer must also be cost efficient – both in energy consumption and ink or toner usage. More sophisticated printers have more features.

If you are running a small business, laser printer choice is important.  First consideration is choosing between a monochrome or a color laser printer. The former of course is cheaper – both in the initial investment and in maintenance. A mono laser printer will cost you less and in the process of printing, the expense on ink cartridges is also less. Instead of having four cartridges (color laser printers have) the mono laser printer needs only the black ink.

Today, small business laser printers can have many sizes. The compact models are small and handy. These are portable and are good partners of laptops. But in the office, a compact laser printer may not be the choice – a bigger one can be stationed in one area in the office and all users can do the printing.

Then it is also practical for small business to get hold of mfp laser printer. This all-in-one printer can do four functions for the office. Scanning, printing, photocopying and fax sending are multi-functions of the new generation small business laser printer.

More sophisticated laser printers can have ethernet interface feature. The printer can then be hooked to the internet. And with this comes another type of small business laser printer – the wireless printer. This is again so practical in a small business or office. All computers in the office can have their printing jobs through one laser printer.

Another feature of the later model of printer is the energy star.  Once a printer is sealed with this feature, it is understood to be very environment-friendly. Printers with the energy star consume less power so there is a corresponding savings on the part of the business.

The printer should be user-friendly. The buttons in the control panel should be comprehensible by even the most ordinary user.

And the most basic feature which every small business will look for are the speed and quality of printing. For the speed, the rate of printing output has to be determined. The faster it does the printing, the more savings go to the business. The printing speed is measured in number of pages per minute. Printed documents should be crisp on plain paper and color should be natural.

As you have found the printer with the most desirable feature, your last consideration is its price. Is the price commensurate to its features?

A small business laser printer should serve all the desired purposes – and that is the gauge to the model of printer you hope to buy – unless of course you have a particular brand in mind. With the many brands and models, you will definitely find one that fits into your budget.