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Small All-in-one Printer

Most Desirable Features To Find In Small All-in-one Printer

What does small all-in-one printer denote?   It is just like the regular size printer that performs multi-functions. The small all-in-one printer is also known as small mfp printer. It is multi-functional because it does the four task of printing, scanning, photo copying and faxing. Printer manufacturers had already been producing the mfp printers but with the current trend in use of laptops, the mfp printers had to be reduced in size to match the laptop. Thus the small all-in-one printer evolved.

Multi-function printer was attached label to the all in one printer because of the functions that it does such as printing, scanning and photocopying. The faxing capability may or may not be included in the features. Some brands made this fourth function optional.

What could be your reason for wanting a small all in one printer? Maybe because the space is small and the minimal room for it cannot accommodate other devices. If you have the 4 devices (printer, scanner, photocopier and fax machine) the limited space would not be enough. So to have all the devices in a small space, you opt for the small all in one printer.

What qualities or features should you find in the small all in one printer to prompt your purchase of the device? Since you are looking for a small device, your first impulse is to find the size suitable to your need. Then examine the four capabilities.


When you are looking for an AIO (all in one) you have to decide whether the device is going to be inkjet or laser, or even monochrome or colored. Inkjet printers are more common and cheaper than the laser type. However, the print quality of the laser printer is definitely better. These two printers also differ in speed. Another important consideration in buying the all in one printer is the ink cartridges.  Compare the prices and the output per cartridge. You can then compute for the per page cost. If this is material factor to you, then partially base your evaluation on this feature.


The scanning bed in an AIO is very crucial. Without a good scanning bed, the scanned copies can never look nice.  No matter how good your printer is, if the scanner is inferior quality, then you can never produce good scanned copies. Also, take note that if your need colored copies, be sure that the scanner produces this. Check on the resolution.


The copier feature is just like the printing feature. The most common thing you are going to determine is the speed. How fast does it copy a document? Or shall we say, determine the amount of copies produced in a minute. This is material feature if you have many copying jobs to do.


The fax can be the same as the printer’, the scanner and the copier. The speed and resolution are dependent on the speed and resolution capacities of your printer. Good fax capability will make good faxed copies to whosoever you are sending them

Small all in one printer is useful for working while you travel. It is just like being in your own office where you can do all the variety of tasks – from printing to  scanning, to photocopying and to sending fax..