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5 Types Of Colour Printers – Features And Uses

There are several types of colour printers available in the market today. Their price depends upon the model, the features and the brand. But the market being very competitive, printer manufacturing companies price their colour printers almost uniformly. Thus, in buying branded printers, you will find that for the same features, the prince range of leading printer producers is almost equal. 

In the market today are 5 types of colour printers – the ink-jet printer, the laser printer, the solid ink printer, the dye sublimation printer (also called dye diffusion thermal transfer) and the color thermal printer. Depending upon the printing needs is the choice among these five. However, the most commonly used are the ink-jet and the laser printers. The main difference among the different kinds of printers is the manner in which the printer deposits the ink on the paper.  The ink jet, solid ink and some laser printers deposit ink on the paper on a single pass. Some laser and the thermal printers make multiple ink passes on the paper.

Ink jet and laser colour printers are the common choices. The inkjet printer costs less than the laser printer. But the cost of printing per page of an inkjet printer is more. The inkjet consumes more ink than a laser printer. Thus, in the long run the cost of printing with ink jet is higher. The ink-jet printer is suitable for home use where no bulk printing is done. In the office, the laser printer is recommended as it can do heavy duty printing.

The fastest of all the types of printers is the dye diffusion thermal transfer or the dye sublimation printer and the solid ink printer. Aside from speed, the printing output is very precise and clear. Precision is brought about by the continuous tone printing where it is able to control the amount and intensity of dots placed on the paper. Because of the well defined prints produced by these kinds of printer, they are preferred by graphic designers and professional digital photographers.

The color thermal printer uses heat to transfer colored waxes to the paper – from a wide ribbon. Since this printer cannot change the dot distribution intensity, the print is dithered. The output is lower in quality but are still serviceable in printing labels, receipts and other point of sale applications. Photo printers are equipped with interfaces that can be used with digital cameras and flash memory media. Then there are also the large format printers and color plotters. These type of printers are used by design professionals because they can print on big paper or rolls of paper. This printer is good in making banners and streamers.

The new generation printers are the mfp printers, which perform four functions. This type of printer can also do scanning, photo copying and fax sending, in addition to the main printing function.

To date, there are many colour printer manufacturers. Their brands are already popular. Among them are Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Kodak, Lexmar, Xerox and Canon.

Because of the variation in printing jobs, the best is still to rely on colour printers. With the digital camera and cellular phone camera, photos can be printed from the printer. The multi-functional printers are best for offices, as they perform four functions that are usually carried by any office or business.